The coal industry has dominated the economic and political landscape of the Appalachian coalfields for more than a century, while transforming the physcial landscape from one of globally noteworthy natural diversity to an increasingly polluted, degraded landscape where future economic possibilities are few. But a growing movement of tenacious Appalachian citizens, proud of their mountain culture and willing to fight for their beloved landscape, is pushing back against the coal industry’s destructive practices.

Citizens from around the country are engaged in the fight, too, as the coal from blown-up Appalachian mountains is helping pollute the air and water, and cook the planet. Every living thing on Earth has a stake in stopping the plunder of Appalachia and make a quick transition away from coal-based energy. A comprehensive list of the grassroots and national organizations involved is not possible to include here, but the following resources should provide opportunities for every citizen to learn more about these issues and to join the movement for a more sustainable future for natural and human communities—across Appalachia and around the globe.

I Love Mountains is an invaluable online resource for news, education, and information about how individuals can get engaged in fighting mountaintop removal. The website has pioneered a number of innovative movement-building communication tools.

The Alliance for Appalachia is a collaboration of thirteen organizations in central Appalachia working to bring an end to mountaintop-removal coal mining. The Alliance for Appalachia also seeks to promote a just and sustainable economy and a clean, renewable energy future in the region. Member groups include:

The Appalachian Citizens Law Center

Appalachian Voices


Coal River Mountain Watch


Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Mountain Association for
Community Economic Development


Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Save Our Cumberland Mountains

Sierra Club’s Central Appalachian
Environmental Justice Program

Southern Appalachian Mountain


West Virginia Highlands Conservancy

Other Groups, Campaigns, and Online Resources:

The Appalachian Center for
the Economy & the Environment

Christians for the Mountains



Kentucky Resources Council


Mountaintop Removal Road Show


Natural Resources Defense Council

The Sierra Club

Sludge Safety Project

Stop Mountaintop Removal

United Mountain Defense

Valley Watch

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